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0086-15889794979 movable serrated hole puncher. we are professional pneumatic hole puncher factory, located in shenzhen,China. brand is "TianYang". Any inquiry can send to my
big rectangle hole puncher for thermoforming packing machine, like Toufu packing, meat vacuum packing machine. we are one of the best hole puncher factory in China. brand is "TianYang", Welcome your inquiry, please contact 0086-15889794979
0086-15889794979 Pneumatic hole puncher factory
Pneumatic hole puncher factory---0086-15889794979 this customized pneumatic hole puncher can work for fruit bag packing. it can punch multi- round hole and handle hole on the flexible packaging. welcome your inquiry
0086-15889794979 pneumatic round hole, round corner hole, easy open hole puncher on Full automatic double face aluminum film stretching special-shaped vacuum packaging
0086-15889794979 . this holder macking machine one time can install around 25bags one time. together with our rice bag handle hole punch, you will save more time and labor.
0086-15889794979 pneumatic hole punch machine. special requirement from customer.
0086-15889794979 pneumatic hole punch machine factory. more than 10years experience. any customized hole puncher, just offer us your hole size, material size, mold depth, we can design and produce for you.
0086-15889794979 bridge type hole puncher for bottom sealing bag making machine. we are professional on special pneumatic hole puncher. if you have any hole punch requirements for bag making machine, please feel free to contact me.
0086-15889794979 4 cylinder, 4 holes, each cylinder control one hole, round hole puncher. multi hole punch at one time.