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This is our brand new machine rice bag holder press machine.


This 130mm special round hole puncher is a pneumatic puncher

Sep 12,2019

2 serrated handle hole punch machine at same time for thin PP PE LDPE and HDPE

Aug 10,2019

Two rhombus shape hole to punch at same time. manual work by foot pedal control.

Jul 24,2019

This puncher can punch holes in the handle hole and vent hole at the same time.

Jul 04,2019

Description of the 45° triangle hole puncher and 45° handle hole puncher

Jun 27,2019

Round corner hole puncher with movable function

May 11,2019

Our new product,hot sealing machine

Apr 30,2019

Big triangle hole puncher for bottom seal bag making machine

Apr 22,2019

Introduction to porous punching machine

Apr 16,2019