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automatic hole punch design essentials

2019-02-20 16:18:42

        Automatic hole punch design essentials.automatic hole punch can process multiple surfaces after the workpiece is installed at one time. Therefore, it is required that the jig can meet the requirement that all the cutting tools may be close to all the machined surfaces in space.In addition, the pallet of the encasing fixture has movement, uplift, sinking and rotation, so the fixture should not have any interference with the machine tool.

        CNC machining can be through the rapid replacement of engineering words and the transformation of the processing object, in order to reduce the auxiliary time of the replacement of tooling and expensive equipment waiting idle time, in the replacement of the workpiece, the fixture is required to have the function of rapid reset or replacement of positioning clamping elements.In addition, due to the multi-surface machining in CNC machining and the increase in processing time of a single piece, at this time, if the fixture is designed to be able to work outside the machine tool work area can also be replaced, the production efficiency can be improved,

        The workpiece should be completely positioned in the fixture, and the workpiece's base liquid phase should be strictly determined for the origin of the machine tool, so as to meet the requirements of realizing the relative motion of the workpiece and the tool in the machine tool coordinate system.At the same time, the fixture on the machine tool should be completely positioning, each positioning surface on the fixture relative to the machine tool origin should be accurate coordinate size, in order to meet the requirements of positioning and installation in CNC machining.

        Since automatic hole punch has the characteristics of automatic machining of continuous multiple surfaces, the requirements for the fixture of automatic hole punch are higher than those of general machine tools in both accuracy and rigidity, which can reduce the positioning error, clamping error and deformation error of workpiece in the fixture.