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The use of the plastic bag punching machine directly affects the online use of the punching machine

2019-03-05 15:49:55

The use of the plastic bag punching machine directly affects the online use of the punching machine

With the development of the economy, the development of automation has become more and more common. In some applications, the application of the plastic bag punching machine has greatly improved its efficiency and shortened the construction period. Pneumatic punching machines have always been ahead of traditional machinery in material processing technology, and consumers have a good response after use. Because it not only shortens the construction period but also improves the efficiency, it has been widely welcomed by everyone. So how can we use the plastic bag puncher correctly?



The primary layout of the plastic bag punching machine consists of three major layouts, some work and some unloading. The first is to clearly understand the scope of application of the punching machine and then follow the job requirements. After the power is turned on, the hydraulic oil is added, and then the motor is operated to form a pressure, and then punched according to the path. The whole workflow is like this. The punching machine should not only be used but also be well maintained. Good equipment, you don't take care of it, its service life will gradually decrease, so it is very important for the regular maintenance and repair of our plastic bag punching machine. Regularly check the use of lubricating oil to ensure that the parts can be used normally during each work; regularly check whether there are any foreign materials such as residual metal at the punch and sharpening to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
The mold base of the pneumatic puncher mold is composed of the upper mold base, the guide post 13, the guide sleeve and the lower mold base.
Some of the work of the non-woven punching machine consists of a die, a punch and a convex and concave die.
The punching and unloading of the bag making machine is composed of a feeding board, a materializing rod, a material moving plate, a discharging plate, a discharge spring and a discharge screw.



The convex and concave modules in the three layouts are the working parts of the mold, which are the key parts that constitute the shape and scale of the stamping parts of the mold, and the most messy and technically demanding parts in the mold making process. The key to technology. The temperature of the general material in the processing of the plastic bag punching machine will also affect the effect of our punching and the service life of our machinery and equipment, so we must do a cooling process before punching the material. These are the relevant maintenance and operation precautions for the punching machine. Of course, the purchase of the punching machine is also very important. Good equipment has a multiplier effect for our staff.
 If you want to buy good equipment, you must pay attention to the following points: First of all, pay attention to the uniform appearance of the surface, no signs of wear and then look at the appearance of the surface evenly painted, no signs of wear, must be tested after performance, so that Ensure the normal use of the punching machine.

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