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The Punching machine maintenance knowledge

2018-10-25 13:00:26

The hole punching machine maintenance knowledge

Before use:

  1. when punching machine continued working ,Please add the oil at least one hour or replace the new oil, in order to keep the punching die an guide set lubricant
  2. When you using ,Should clean the residue on time ,especially the lower die parts ,start to use the machine after you cleaned up.
  3. When you using ,please be noticed if the punching machine without loosing ,or sound anomalies, solve the problem in time once it happen.
  4. When you found a hole punch position offset ,Do one use iron stokes ,only with rubber hammer.
  5. Suggested air Pressure:(Normal 4 mpa)


diamond hole punch craft punch set decorative hole punch
diamond hole punch craft punch set decorative hole punch


After use:

  1. After use the machine ,clean the machine surface ,especially for the punching die and lower die parts .


  1. Add the lubricating oil on punch die and lower die parts,put the punching die to the lowest position,in case to avoid damage of blade and lower die part.



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