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Plastic bag punching machine

2018-09-27 10:15:06

The plastic bag punching machine, also known as the pneumatic punching machine and hole puncher plastic, is a pneumatic punching die that assists the bag making machine. A pneumatic mold that transmits signals to the solenoid valve and then works by the bag making machine. Its structure is similar to cold-punching dies, mainly used for punching of plastic bags and paper products.

heavy duty hole punch hexagon paper punch heart shaped hole punch hand held hole punch fabric hole punch
heavy duty hole punch hexagon paper punch heart shaped hole punch hand held hole punch fabric hole punch


Technical approval
The mold base of TIANYANG pneumatic punching machine is made of precision casting alloy material. The punching power is high-precision cylinder. The punch die is made of imported die steel  structure. It has the beautiful appearance, high action frequency and resistance. Strong grinding, long service life, the highest frequency can reach 320 times.

TIANYANG mold can produce all kinds of special-shaped holes, multi-mode holes, etc. according to customer requirements (such as: R-angle, triangular triangle hole punching machine, easy open hole, handle hole etc., angle-cutting hole punching machine Hole punching machine, tearing die tearing hole punching machine, 11 hole die, 12 hole die, 27 hole die, 29 hole die, 30 hole die, 37 hole die, 39 hole die and other customized hole die punching machine, suitable for album bags, A4 kits, white strips, CD inner pockets, business card holders, non-woven fabrics, medical bags and various paper products. Can break through various plastic films above 0.02MM, speed up to 250 times / minute.

Punch machine use precautions:
First, before use:
1. Before using the punching machine, be sure to check for any un-cleaned thing at the punch and the lower die. (If it must be cleaned before use)
2. Add lubricant to the upper part of the punch (the upper and lower active parts of the punch).
Second, when using:
1. When the punching machine is working continuously, keep the oiling part of the punching machine without oil shortage.
2. If there is abnormal noise during use, (if the abnormal punching machine works), please handle it in time.
3. Do not hit any part of the punch with an iron tool when installing the punch.
4. Recommended air pressure: 3-5KG\CM
Third, after use:
1. After use, first wipe the punching machine clean, mainly the punch and the lower die position.
2. Add lubricant to the punch and the lower die, and press the punch to the lowest position to better protect the punch.

Butterfly hole punch machine


First, the punch can not go up:
1. Adjust the air pressure to 4-5KG\GM
2. Raise the punch to 0.5MM position, and make the punch  to the shallow point.
Second, there is a burr or can't beat it:
1. First use the gold steel to set the mold for about five or six minutes, then grind it with oil stone for two or three minutes. If the method is still flashed, please contact the manufacturer of TIANYANG.
Third, the plastic bag will be pulled when punching:
1. Check if the air pressure is low
2. Check if the punching signal system is normal.
3. Check if the puncher and the cutter are in sync
4. Whether the dwell time of the punching machine is too long, intermittently rushing to the hole or when the time is good or bad:
1. Check if the air pressure is low
2. Is the air volume insufficient?
3. Check if the solenoid valve is in the water or the muffler is blocked.
4. Check if the cylinder is leaking.
Pneumatic puncher parameters
1. Control system: the bag making machine gives the signal, the punching machine is connected to the solenoid valve. 2. Processing materials: shape, aluminum products; punching needle, tungsten steel; guide bushing, lower die is imported die steel
3, processing accuracy: ± 3um
4. Model: HXMJ-DKJ
5, working voltage: working power supply 220v ± 50hz
6, working speed: working speed260 times / min
7, air source pressure: air pressure 0.1-0.5MPa


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