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Plastic bag punching machine | indispensable punching blade in modern packaging industry

2018-11-14 16:51:00

Packaging industry punching sharp edge - Circle hole punch

    The modern packaging industry is developing with green environmental protection, automation (punching automation, heat sealing automation, cutting automation, etc.), high quality and multi-function. In recent years, the industry has been increasingly intensified in industry competition and used costs. The pace of automated production processes throughout the packaging industry is further accelerated. To achieve automated production and achieve less human involvement, plastic bag punching machines are undoubtedly a great boon for the packaging industry to achieve automated production.

Principle analysis:

    Plastic bag punching machine, alias: plastic bag punching machine, pneumatic punching machine, bag making punching machine, etc. The utility model mainly utilizes air pressure as power, and a precise pneumatic type cold die which realizes intelligent punching in the process of forming a bag by the micro-computer device of the bag making machine and the punching function is matched with the electromagnetic valve.

Coordination analysis:

    Prerequisite for automatic use: *. Pre-punch circuit and punching control program for automatic production equipment such as bag making machine.

                  *. Air compressor with sufficient power (usually 4P and above) to provide air pressure source.
                  *. It is equipped with accessories for pneumatic punching devices such as solenoid valves and filter valves.

cut custom made hole punch edge puncher
cut custom made hole punch edge puncher


Semi-automatic use of essentials:

   Equipped with sufficient pneumatic power source → connect the intake pipe to the inlet pipe connection at the lower end of the punch valve of the punching machine as required → adjust the air pressure to the normal working pressure (normal working pressure 04~0.6Mpa) → check the punching machine Whether there is any debris in the head and lower mold position and cleaned → Fill the oil storage tank with lubricating oil (pure oil/butter) → Test the plastic bag punching machine after tapping the valve. After the test is normal, according to the requirements Punch after placing the material in position → complete a punch (repeated the previous step).

Best maintenance plan:

1. Keep the air pressure dry. If you have the conditions, please install the drying equipment for the air pressure source-air compressor. Regularly, the air compressor is used to remove the waste water, so that it can be guaranteed at the air pressure source.

2. Install filter equipment before the intake valve of the solenoid valve, so as to effectively trap the excess air and gas in the intake pipe to ensure the normal operation of the solenoid valve.

3. Keep the core stamping parts of the plastic bag punching machine highly lubricated at all times to ensure that the punched core parts are not damaged by excessive temperature, thus improving the durability of the punching machine.

4. In the process of using the plastic bag punching machine, in case of failure, non-professionals, it is forbidden to dismantle the mold at will, and modify it at will, especially the core parts of the mold, to prevent the mold from being damaged twice.

5. In the process of use, try to avoid hitting any part of the mold, avoid throwing and throwing the punching machine at random, so as not to break.


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