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Our new product,hot sealing machine

2019-04-30 16:27:16

Our new product,hot sealing machine

This product is suitable for polyethylene or polypropylene single-layer film, polyethylene or polypropylene is the inner layer of poly-hydrocarbon composite film plastic bag, and aluminum plastic paper and plastic composite flexible packaging bag sealing bag.




Because the sealing machine has the characteristics of continuous sealing, it can be made into bags of various specifications and can be used in various packaging lines.
Scope of application: This series of products can be applied to the packaging and sealing of food, beverage, medicine, aquatic products, native products, daily cosmetics, clothing, electronic components, hardware, chemical and other industries.
Features: This series of products has strong sealing and high efficiency; simple structure, compact, small size; beautiful appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

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