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How to solve the problem that the plastic bag punching machine has no impulse when it is punched out online?

2019-02-21 16:17:05

How to solve the problem that the plastic bag punching machine has no impulse when it is punched out online?

Many people found a common problem with the plastic bag punching machine when using the plastic bag punching machine. The output is pressureless. First of all, we suggest that if this problem occurs, the first thing is to replace the oil water separator. After the discovery is still no pressure, how to solve the plastic bag punching machine online punching output without impulse? In the case of this ineffectiveness, the initial suspected problem is that there is too much oil in the air compressor. The low pressure relief valve limits the spool and the surface of the steel ball is scratched. Then we replace the steel ball. Therefore, we recommend that after the pneumatic punching machine is continuously operated for 3-5 days, it is necessary to drain the oil and water in the air compressor to increase the service life of the punching machine cylinder.
After all the replacement, it was found that there was no effect after the installation. Since the system was not under pressure, we placed the focus on the pressure control unit of the plastic bag puncher. Then we blocked the pressure control unit and the control unit that led to the punching. Single output interface, safety valve 2.5, pneumatic hydraulic pump, then the low pressure overflow pump is not good, because it can not replace the relevant spare parts, it is recommended to simply block the low pressure relief valve, what will happen In the case, why is the pump still not working?



From the inside point of view, in order to better judge the problem of the plastic bag punching machine, the outlet of the low pressure relief valve is blocked at this time, the punching control port of the low pressure pump and the high pressure pump, and the electromagnetic reversing valve is located in the right position. The oil outlet of the young leaves is unloaded from the high pressure relief valve and finally flows back to the tank. Then, the equal high pressure relief valve is replaced. At this point, the problem has been solved.
If the above steps are not able to solve the problem of weak output of the plastic bag punching machine, then we may consider the cylinder damage. At this time, the cylinder should be replaced. Replace the corresponding cylinder diameter according to the marking on the pneumatic punching machine. The cylinders generally solve this problem completely.
The plastic bag punching machine is generally good in the development process of our country. We do not recommend that any one way can protect the plastic bag punching machine. The corresponding plastic bag punching machine needs a more urgent and effective. Efficient conservation protection methods, these things as a whole will not change, we have to master these channels.

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