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Different types of pneumatic stainless steel punching machines are not always the same.

2019-02-13 16:42:41

Different types of pneumatic stainless steel punching machines are not always the same.

Pneumatic punching machine application field: mainly used in various construction sites, various shops, each processing household production and processing of various anti-theft nets / guardrails, etc. punching process. Change the traditional drill bit or use hole punching process.

Product introduction: Motor 4 kW, reducer 100.




1. When drilling with a drill bit, it is necessary to scribe and position the pipe, and the pipe is easy to be deformed and damaged when punching. But with my machine, you will no longer worry about punching, and no longer worry about the bit being difficult to grind, pneumatic punching The machine no longer needs a proper master to operate.

2, it can not only quickly round holes, but also can quickly punch square holes, so that your product styles are diversified, no longer only a round tube.

3, this machine has a scale ruler, so that when you punch, the pneumatic puncher can quickly and accurately produce a very beautiful hole without scribing. It is no longer difficult to string for punching. It’s awkward.

4. This machine mold adopts the national standard mold steel material, and the materials all meet the national standards. And the punching needle is a long punching needle, which makes the punching longer and reduces your use cost.

5, this pneumatic punching machine is easy to learn, you don't have to find a professional to operate, you can reduce your labor costs.

6. The unique punching die structure design makes it easier for the operator to punch the tube and take the tube, and also reduce the friction between the tube and the mold, and protect the surface of the material from damage. Save you the cost of secondary surface treatment of materials.

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