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Application of automatic hole punch in food packaging

2019-01-24 16:13:03

         Application of automatic hole punch in food packaging.Supermarkets are full of beautiful things in eyes put a variety of food packaging bags, so why packaging bags must be perforated?General packaging plastic bags do not need to perforate, but in order to release the air in the bag after sealing, to avoid air occupation of space, before the hole vent.Blowhole is hit commonly in bag body.There are also round holes or butterfly holes in the top of the bag, which are used for hanging, called hanging holes.

        Perforation in order to prevent children from suffocation of the bag on the head, there is another important reason is that if the plastic bag is not perforated, there will be air inside. After a long period of sea transportation, there will be water vapor inside, which will cause the products inside to be damp, mouldy or rusted.So make sure you punch it.



        If you want to open the product with your hands, the first step is to find the serrated edge of the product packaging. The serrated mark is very convenient. We tear some bags of plastic products, which are all sealed with automatic hole punch in the factory.

       Shenzhen tianyang precision mold co., ltd. mainly produces automatic hole punch, which is a small part of bag-making machine. It can punch holes in thin packaging materials, such as LDPE, HDPE, PE, OPP, PET or non-woven materials, paper materials and other materials less than 1000 microns.We are more than ten years of punching machine manufacturers, we provide professional technical support according to customer requirements.We provide customers with reasonable prices and the best service, welcome to consult.