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About the introduction of the Rice bag handle hole punch machine

2019-04-08 17:03:38

The hand hole punching machine belongs to a punching die of a plastic bag puncher (pneumatic punching machine). A pneumatic mold that transmits signals to the solenoid valve and then works by the bag making machine. Its structure is similar to cold-punching molds, mainly used in shopping mall shopping bags, rice bags, washing powder bags and various plastic bags for hand-held functions, paper bags for punching.
The shape of the portable hole pneumatic punching machine is made of precision casting alloy material. The punching power is high-precision cylinder. The punch is made of imported die steel (ASP-60) structure. It has the beautiful appearance, high action frequency and wear resistance. Strong, long service life, the highest frequency can reach 320 times.
Since the material of the punching bag is different, the procedure and precision of the hole punching machine are different. [Hand hole punching machine] is applied to various heat sealing hot cutting machines (R machine, flat belt machine), bottom seal Machine, embossing buckle bag making machine, three-side sealing machine, middle sealing machine and plastic film bag, paper-plastic bag machine; suitable for PE, PP, OPP, PO, PVC, PPE, CPE and other materials can break through the single layer The material is 0.02mm thick plastic bag. Speeds up to 280 times per minute.
Maintenance and precautions



before use
1. Before using the punching machine, be sure to check for any debris at the punch and the lower die. (If it must be cleaned before use)
2. Add lubricant to the upper part of the punch (the upper and lower movable parts of the punch).
when using it
1. When the punching machine is working continuously, keep the filling part of the punching machine without oil shortage.
2. If there is abnormal noise during use, (if the abnormal punching machine works), please handle it in time.
3. Do not hit any part of the punch with an iron tool when installing the punch.
4. Recommended air pressure: 3-5KG\CM

After use
1. After use, first wipe the punching machine clean, mainly the punch and the lower die position.
2. Add lubricant to the punch and the lower die, and press the punch to the lowest position to better protect the punch.

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