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A Butterfly hole punch machine is a die for punching holes

2019-02-14 13:18:11

        A Butterfly hole punch machine is a die for punching holes.By the bag-making machine computer to give the signal transmission to the solenoid valve and then work the pneumatic mold.Its structure is similar to the cold stamping die, which is mainly used for punching food bags, plastic bags, pearl film, hook holes and all kinds of plastic bags and paper bags with hook functions.Applicable to PE, PP, OPP, PO, PVC, PPE, CPE and other material products can break the single-layer material thickness of 0.02mm plastic bags, up to 280 times/per minute.

        Butterfly hole punch machine appearance adopts precision casting alloy materials, punching power to choose high precision cylinder, punch, chooses import steel (above 63 °) structure is pressing needs, beautiful appearance, high operating frequency, strong wear resistance, long service life.



        Before using the punch, be sure to check whether there are sundries in the punch and the edge of the lower die. If there are sundries, please clean them before using. Add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the punch.When the drilling machine continues to work, keep the oil filling part of the drilling machine is not short of oil.

        Note if there is abnormal sound in the use of butterfly hole punch machine, which is not in the normal working state, the processing should be stopped in time. When installing the hole punch machine, do not knock any part of the machine with iron tools.

        After use, first wipe the punch clean, mainly punch and lower die in the punch and lower die with lubricating oil, the punch down to the lowest position, can better protect the punch.Maintenance products will extend the service life of products, to pay attention to maintenance work.